i've got me a biter :(

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i've got me a biter :(

Post by Rattie_baus on Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:48 pm

i'd assumed that these little boys may be a bit shell shocked from all the moving from home to home (at 10 weeks old i'm their 4th- and last- home) but the little champagne one (who i'm thinking of naming Prentis) is a nervous biter. he's taken a good chunk out of my finger and nail, and any time i reach near him he grabs hold again. i've had plenty of mouthers before, but never one who is Trying to harm you. i've worked with a cage aggressive/hand shy hamster and a plain ol mean hammie, and the way i stopped them biting was by not withdrawing when they did bite... the result being the meany tolerated me but the other ended up being able to be scopped gently from his cage... do i use the same method with a baby rat?
it's been a good 8 or so years since i've had babies, i forgot how tiny and quick they were compared to adult bucks! but i love'em non the less.

the little hooded rex though... he's mad! adorable, but mad!!!! (but if he doesn't see you coming before you pet him he squeals Sad )

i'd got these boys in the hopes that they can keep Gideon company when could/should i start the intros!?

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