Breeding Data

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Breeding Data

Post by DJF on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:54 am

Just asked this on I guess here, this one is for Zoundz.

What kind of data do breeders collect and how does it inform decisions?

Does the NFRS have a database of such data? Is there a catalogue of longevity data available? I guess this gets really complex if one thinks about a centralised resource due to different lines, etc.

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Re: Breeding Data

Post by Zoundz on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:27 am

I collect data on health, general and more in depth stuff, of course plenty of people (I would like to say all, but that's not the case >Sad ) get in touch with me as soon as there are any problems so I can help out, and advise where possible. I usually know about all problems they've suffered, unless I cannot get back in touch with the owner, which is rare, but has happened.

I also collect info on temperament and other things like general behaviour, general type etc, where it's possible for the owner to tell me. I do like it when pet homes have post mortems done, it's very useful for us.

As to how that data affects breeding choices, it's hard to say. Increasingly I'm realising that breeding choices are affected far more by what I keep and how it develops than how pet homed rats fare - because there are so many external factors. We always breed with the fittest, healthiest and friendliest rats we have - and there are always rats in litters who don't do well - and they die young, or they get sick and remain so. This is, of course, hard on whoever owns it, however it shouldn't write a litter off. Every line has rats that don't do well, for all manner of reasons, very few of those being genetic.

I have stopped branches of my line in the past due to perceived genetic problems, where I've collected data for a whole litter and the majority have had the same problems, but it's not often that happens, even with a really weak variety like Russian Silver.


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